Our Net-Zero Home in Long Beach, California

Living the Change We Want to See in the World



Our Vision

Live in a home that minimizes environmental impacts during construction, during the building's life, during our life, and for our lifestyle. The home will also be aesthetically unique and pleasing.

Our Objectives

  • Use sustainable building materials.
  • Use sustainable building practices.
  • Incorporate sustainable systems (heating, cooling, electrical, water).
  • Focus on design, structure, and systems before interior finishes.
  • Minimize or eliminate 'waiting' delays once construction starts. (Measure twice, cut once.)
  • Meet or exceed LEED certification guidelines.
  • Make it easy to live a "net-zero" lifestyle.

Cleave & Nina Law

Our Story

We are transplanted New Yorkers who have spent more of our lives in Southern California than anywhere else. Our entire married life has been in Long Beach -- over 30 years. Our children were born here and went to public school here. Most of both our careers have been in this city too. We clearly love Long Beach.

The city and surrounding area offer us everything we want for climate, culture, and activities.

For many years we did what we could to live a sustainable life. After careful thought and consideration, we decided to do that for the rest of our lives in Long Beach. Several years ago we started to look for a lot in in our current neighborhood to build our green, dream home.

We found and purchased a property in 2014 and we document each chapter of our home-building story and our efforts to live the change we wish to see in the world on this website.


We have spent our entire married lives in beautiful Long Beach, California, but our roots are in the suburbs of New York City on Long Island.

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