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    Our last post showed the footings with the wood forms recently removed. Before we could pour the slab within the footings we (the figurative, not literal, 'we') had a number of tasks to complete -- compact soil (within the footings), install underground drain pipes, install under-slab electrical conduit, install downdraft ventilation vent, install structural steel, install under-slab vapor barrier, and install slab rebar. While there were a few problems to solve -- we don't have problems boss, we only have solutions -- our biggest problem was...


    After finishing the footings at the beginning of December 2016, we lost almost 6 weeks due to weather through the first week of February 2017. Back in October 2016, I semi-jokingly told our General Contractor that since we were supposed to get a lot of rain last year during an El Niño condition and didn't, that we would get a lot of rain this year.

    We defnitely need the rain in semi-arid Los Angeles which has be suffering from extreme drought conditions over the past few years, but our house construction schedule would look a lot better with less rain during this phase of the build.

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